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Brian Kersten Wisconsin

Founder and Owner at Mercy Veterinary Service


Brian Kersten's journey began in the lush fields of a family-owned farm in Appleton, Wisconsin. His childhood, deeply rooted in the rhythms of farm life, fostered a profound connection with animals. This early exposure to animal husbandry sparked a passion that would define his career. Driven by this burgeoning interest, he pursued higher education with zeal. In 1977, he graduated with high distinction from the University of Minnesota, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. His academic achievements didn't stop there; 1983 he earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, setting the stage for a notable career in veterinary services.

His professional journey began in Burlington, Wisconsin, where he worked in a mixed animal practice. This initial experience was crucial, providing him with a hands-on education in the diverse needs of various animal species. However, his desire to make a broader impact led him to Haiti in 1985, where he dedicated two and a half years to veterinary and humanitarian efforts. In Haiti, he worked tirelessly to improve the health and welfare of the local animal population and their human caretakers. This experience honed his veterinary skills and deepened his commitment to community service.

Returning to the United States in 1987 with a renewed sense of purpose, he purchased a veterinary practice in Baldwin, Wisconsin. His leadership transformed the practice into a community staple known for its excellent care and compassionate service. He also served as President of the Pierce St. Croix Humane Society from 2001 to 2003. His presidency was marked by significant strides in local animal welfare initiatives, including education campaigns and improvements to animal care facilities.

Despite selling his practice in 2016, his passion for veterinary medicine remained undiminished. He recognized an unmet need for affordable pet care and founded Mercy Veterinary Service in Baldwin in 2021. The clinic quickly became a haven for pet owners facing financial difficulties, offering low-cost, high-quality care in small animal medicine, surgery, and dentistry. His commitment to affordable care stems from believing that monetary constraints should not prevent pets from receiving necessary medical attention.